Need Of A Criminal Investigator And The Investigation Process In Lexington

A criminal investigation is an undertaking that seeks and gathers evidence of a crime for a case or specific purpose. The job of a criminal investigator involves looking for clues and evidence in order to determine whether or not a crime has taken place. If a crime has taken place, the investigators will look into the background of the accused and try to expose who committed the crime. Police agencies are committed to criminal investigations of every kind, but these days in the face of such growing number of crime cases, a number of individuals are choosing to launch their own criminal investigations with the help of professional investigators. If you are looking for a criminal investigator in Lexington, get in touch with the acclaimed Liar Catchers in Kentucky which consists of some of the most technically skilled and well-trained private investigators.

Types Of Criminal Investigations:
·         Fraud investigations
·         Crime scene investigations
·         Sexual crime investigations
·         Theft investigations
·         Kidnapping investigations
·         Assault investigations
·         Homicide investigations
·         Criminal defense investigations
The criminal investigation techniques include interviews, crime scene photography, document searches, background checks, etc. 

Need Of A Criminal Investigator- In this day and age of rising number of crime cases, more and more people are going for criminal investigators for finding out the truth and bringing the culprit to book.

·         Criminal investigators operate within the law in order to find evidence
·         Criminal investigators are well-trained to gather evidence of wrongful conviction or accusation
·         The investigators are not limited by jurisdiction
·         They take fast actions in a proper manner in comparison to law enforcement investigators who are often busy with other tasks

·         Criminal investigators are more persistent in delivering fruitful results than law enforcement
A crime is a crime which is an intended action that is against the rule of law. A criminal trial is different from a civil trial in a way that in the former punishment is pursued by the government whereas civil trial involves individuals debating their rights. Some of the criminal activities which definitely calls for investigators in order for them to gather evidence in order to make charges are sexual assault, murder, theft, physical assault, vandalism, property damage, etc.

The Criminal Investigation Process

Investigation- This is the first step that involves establishing that a crime was committed and whether an arrest should be pursued. After confirmation of crime, evidence is collected and the suspect identified and then the suspect is arrested as per the evidence gathered.

Court Proceedings- This is the next step where the evidence gathered during the investigation is presented in the court for the judges to make a decision in regards to punishment of the offender.
Get in touch with Liar Catchers in Kentucky for hiring the services of a criminal investigator who are highly trained and have access to a wide range of tools including network of investigators and high-end surveillance equipment. They perform their investigations effectively in order to provide evidence to clients that they are looking for. Criminal investigators also adhere to laws and regulations in order to ensure that the information is obtained in a legal manner.


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